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 2014 Open House

AUGUST 10, 2014

Time: 3-4pm (K5 - 5th Grade)

4:30 - 5:30 pm (6th - 8th Grade)

Place:  Phillips Academy





Welcome Mr. Milton Hopkins   


The Phillips Academy welcomes our new principal, Mr. Milton Hopkins to the family. 







Great Parent Involvement !





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J.H. Phillips Academy & PTA

John Herbert Phillips Academy is truly a wonderful learning community. Our dedicated teachers and staff work closely with our students in bringing quality education to every student. Our students consistently demonstrate excellence in all areas of academics while becoming involved in a variety of extra curricular activities. Our students are involved in first class arts programs as well as after school sports. We are proud of our commitment to student achievement and look forward to future success. Please browse our website to get a better understanding of our excellent programs at "the Academy" and please stop by to visit us..


Next PTA Meeting Our next PTA Meeting is scheduled for August 18, 2014
**Meet out new principal, Mr. Milton Hopkins
2014 Open House When:  August 10, 2014
Time:  K5 - 5TH Grades, 3pm - 4pm
           6th - 8th Grades, 4:30  - 5:30pm
Actor/Comedian, Steve Harvey, visited Phillips Academy in 2012.  Mr
Harvey acted as Principal for A Day.  The visit was a part of a contest
with Box Tops for Education. Phillips Academy won the award because
of the hard work of parent, Angela Strozier, who submitted and essay.



IB Learner Profile  (What an IB student looks like)

  • Inquirers
    • I am curious and know how to discover answers to many of my questions. I LOVE TO LEARN!
  • Open-minded
    • I am comfortable with differences. I welcome and respect other people's points of views and ways of doing things
  • Knowledgeable
    • I explore big ideas that are important. I know and can do a lot of important things!
  • Caring
    • I am concerned about other people's needs and feelings. I believe it is important to help others
  • Thinkers
    • I use my thinking skills to make good choices and solve problems
  • Risk-takers
    • I try new things, love to explore and confidently share my experiences
  • Communicators
    • I understand and share ideas in MORE THAN ONE LANGUAGE!
  • Balanced
    • To be healthy, it is important for me to balance the needs of my mind and body
  • Principled
    • I am fair and honest. I can make good decisions about what is right for me
  • Reflective
    • I think about and discuss my learning, skills and products